Planter Pot

Planter Pot

$60.00 $42.00

This KLEIN&SCHÖN Planter Pot is one of a kind and handmade in Melbourne.

Made from Polymer Clay and coated with resin on the interior.

Colour: Nude with Black Liquorice print in Matte Finish

Approx. Dimensions: 105mm Height x 100mm Diameter


Important Information:

Polymer Clay is a strong, plastic style clay, however, still needs to be treated with care.

All KLEIN&SCHON pot interiors are coated with resin, making them waterproof and able to contain cold liquids. Polymer Clay is not food safe, Do not use for eating or drinking out of. They are best to be used for containing candles, plants, displaying flowers, or keeping various objects within them. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE IN HOT WATER, MICROWAVE OR DISHWASHER.

Please read care instructions link before purchase

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